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“CAMMINANDO…” It’s a wrap for the gorgeous walks to discover Gaglianico and its surroundings.

Physical activity, being in the open air, village culture were the protagonists of “CAMMINANDO … A walk suitable for everyone, to discover Gaglianico”, an event developed by Eleonora Selva, leader with responsibility for youth policies in the framework of Erasmus+ Sport, in collaboration with the Atletica Gaglianico sports association.

The last stage was held on Saturday 29 November to celebrate this project, and once again there were many people who decided to participate in this wonderful and interesting event.

Big thanks go to the entire municipal administration, in particular to the participation and collaboration of Mayor Paolo Maggia, who accompanied the discovery of the chosen points of interest, bringing his knowledge and passion onto the project. With the precious help of Mario De Nile, councilor for sport, and Rosa Pandolfi, secretary of the technical office of the Municipality of Gaglianico.

The fun, enthusiasm and happiness were also made possible thanks to the collaboration and participation of Elda Chiocchetti, Councilor for the budget, a history buff who told the beauties of the cultural stages along the itinerary.

Similarly, Giovanni Vialardi, vice president of the ProLoco di Gaglianico association, brought his knowledge and passion for what characterizes the past of our territory, in the story and in the memories.

Special thanks also go to Daniele Scudellaro, president of Atletica Gaglianico, and Grazia Ammaturo, secretary of the same sports association, for their care in choosing the route and defining the stages to be reached.

The points of interest:

Hamlet of Savagnasco
Alpines Square:
until the mid-1700s the Magiuno tree was planted in the area of the current square. Part of the ancient Celtic tradition, it was a pagan rite, opposed by the Church and therefore demolished in the mid-1700s.To replace this pagan feast, the feast of the oratory of Santa Croce is established, run by a local brotherhood. The oratory was demolished in the period of French domination and the current square was placed in this area, later headed to the Alpine cultural association of Gaglianico.
Municipal aqueduct: mainly agricultural area, the one where the municipal aqueduct is located was called “il Magalino”. One of the tallest structures in the area, it has a 1500 cubic meter reservoir and is filled by the village’s wells as the water is used. The entire territory of Gaglianico is served by this aqueduct and the water is good to the point that it was also used by the company “Coca-Cola HBC Italia srl”.
Sant’Ambrogio Farmhouse: One of the most important historical farms in Gaglianico, it has existed since 1600. It belonged to an ancient family of Gaglianico, who moved to Biella. Cascina Sant’Ambrogio was dedicated to agriculture and cattle breeding, giving work to several local families. Currently it is still active even if with different purposes and for family use.
La Bettola Farmhouse: like the previous one, another of the historic and ancient farmhouses of Gaglianico. Cascina “La Bettola” in 1600 and 1700 was part of the allodial assets of the Castle of Gaglianico. It takes its name from the place called “La Bettola”, a term that is part of history without a specific reference.


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